Tours in Huaraz - Ancash Laguna Llanganuco Peru

This excursion will expose you to the impressive beauty throughout the Huaylas region. You will pass through the following districts: Tarica, Anta, Marcara, Carhuaz, Mancos, Ranrahirca, Santo de Yungay, and the beautiful Lagunas of Llanganuco. You will visit the city of Yungay and also Caraz, before returning to Huaraz.

Tours in Huaraz - Ancash Chavin de Huantar, Peru

This excursion exposes you to the culture and countryside, with visits to the following towns: Recuay, Catac, and Tica Pampa. You will also get to see Querococha Lagune. From this beautiful place we will then travel through the Cahuish Tunnel and descend through the Conchucos Valley, and pass through picturesque communities such as Tambillos, Machac, Quercos, and the thousand year old city of Chavin de Huantar. The archeological center of Chavin is also the center of the Peruvian Andian civilization – 1200 years BC.

Tours in Huaraz - Ancash Mt. Pastoruri, Peru

Departing Huaraz, we will pass through Recuay, the Caves of San Patricio, Tica, Pampa, and Catac, the Pacha Quebrada, a mineral water preserve, the Raimondi Bear Eye, painted rocks, Mt. Rajupampa Pastoruri. After visiting these important sites we will return to Huaraz.

Tours in Huaraz - Ancash Honcopampa - Chancos Thermal Baths, Peru

This adventure excursion passes through Huaylas valley and takes you to the artesian villages such as Paria Huanca, San Miguel de Aco, and Pampa Maca. You will also visit the Shirapucro lookout and the archeological sites in Joncopamapa. You will have the opportunity to take a 30 minute walk to the Yurac Yacu waterfall and also visit the thermal medicinal baths in Chancos. Here you can try the typical regional cuisine such as guinea pig, “chicaron with mote,” fried trout, and “Llunca” with chicken.

Rural Life in Peru

Do you know all facets of Peru? I, Francisco Mayhuay Colonia, manager of Franpisco Adventure, suggest that you discover my home and the rural life in Peru with the assistance of my tour business. For the Franpisco Adventure clients you will enjoy free lodging and food in a traditional farming community called Vicos, just one hour outside of Huaraz.

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