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Since the beginning we have made our clients our priority, thereby becoming a successful and attractive business especially in the city of Huaraz. For that reason our professional team has ample knowledge about every terrain as well as the destinations and activities that we offer.

All of our employees share a great passion for the trips, trekking, the mountains and adventure; furthermore, we pride ourselves on a strong commitment to the quality of our service and great respect for the outdoors and the local cultures of our country.

Convinced of the importance of knowing well the places and itineraries that we offer, the Franpisco Adventure team is continually seeking out and visiting distinct mountain ranges and regions of Peru in order to have first hand knowledge of the trips that we offer. Our objective is to share this knowledge and experiences with all the Franpisco Adventure travelers. Customized consultation is the basis of our service.

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Local Guides

We work with certified professionals with extensive experience.

Social responsability

We work responsibly without causing environmental or sociocultural problems.

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The most important thing for us is to have satisfied customers.


Franpisco Adventure works directly and without intermediaries, with businesses in each destination that serve as our local partners. Each one of these partners has been selected carefully and we ensure that they are responsible businesses knowledgeable about the land, committed to quality service, reliable, and respectful of the outdoors, and the traditions of our country. The majority of our itineraries have been guided and explored by Francisco D. Mayhuay C., owner of Franpisco Adventure, in order to ensure the quality of service that we desire for our travelers. In this way, we make sure our clients, whether they are individual travelers, groups, or businesses, are introduced fully to the places that they visit in Peru. The experience of the Franpisco Adventure team is added to the knowledge of its partners in the various locations. The result is a dynamic business, innovative in its offerings, and expert in helping to make a reality the dreams of thousands of travelers from around the world.


Peru has 24 contrasting regions and ancient civilizations that offer a multitude of possibilities to get to know a beautiful country, and even more, to understand in depth the great number of pre-inca cultures that developed there. Among the chain of Andes, after Mt. Aconcagua and “Ojos del Salado,” the highest peaks are found in the Cordillera Blanca. From the Andean city of Huaraz, one can make out more than 30 snow-capped summits of more than 5,000 m. The highest of the mountains near Huaraz is 6,768 meters. It is the “roof” of Peru and the third highest on the continent. The trekking between the Gorges of Los Sedros – Alpamayo – Llanganuco and the complete circuit of the Cordillera Huayhuash allow you to go deep into the most beautiful landscapes of the Cordillera. The Inca road to Machu Picchu is, without doubt, one of the greatest itineraries of the world. The possibility of following the Incan footsteps on their road toward the mysterious city gives the satisfaction of experiencing and discovering a landscape replete with beauty and history. The historical and anthropological Peru can be found in Nazca and its mysterious lines; in the colonial cities of Areqipa and Cuzco; and in the indigenous markets of the Sacred Valley. The outdoor enthusiasts have the opportunity to visit the sea gardens of the Ballestas Islands, and navigate Lake Titicaca and the Amazon jungle in Peru.


Huaraz, capital of the Ancash region situated at 3,100 meters, is the principal city of the Huaylas mountain pass area. On May 31, 1970, Huaraz was almost totally destroyed by an earthquake and for this reason the city appears modern with ample streets and construction. Its climate is dry and temperate during the day and the nights are cold. The recommended season to visit and enjoy the outdoors and its mountains is from May to December. This time period is known as the ideal Andean summer to participate in the adventurous Andean sports and for tourism. Huaraz is 400 km north of the Peruvian capital and has all the modern services such as hotels, restaurants, pizza, travel agencies, clubs, international and local banks, etc.

CARHUAZ : Situated to the north of Huaraz at a height of 2650 meters at the mountain pass of Huaylas. It is a city characterized by hospitality and courteous treatment by the natives. The climate is known as one of the most mild in the world.

YUNGAY: Situated in the heart of Huaylas at a hight of 2,560 meters and at the foot of snowy Huascaran, which is 6,768 meters high. The history of Yungay goes back to time immemorial, as seen in the “Guitar Players’ Cave” that dates back 10,000 years B.C., the ruins of the Quechuan farmhouses, and the historical Sugarloaf Mountain, where the Peru-Bolivian Confederation was defeated.

CARAZ: Situated at 2,585 meters. Protected on the west by the Cordillera Negra (Black Mountain Range) and to the east by the Cordillera Blanca (White Mountain Range), it is considered the tourist capital of the Huayla mountain pass area. Caraz has pleasant temperate climate, beautiful traditions, and Andean architecture which is preserved as an historical example old traditional values.

CHAVIN: Chavin is humanity’s cultural heritage. Situated in the Conchucos mountain pass area, in the province of Huari at a height of 3210 meters. 480 kilometers from Lima and 108 kilometers from Huaraz. Chavin comes from the Quechuan word Chaupin which means “center” or “umbilical chord.” Chavin was the center of the universe, a magical and sacred place. The city is composed of impressive rock construction, dark interior passageways, mysterious spears, and rock engravings. They are displays of technical aesthetics, exquisite and pure, but to a greater extent they give a refined sense of spirituality and worship.


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