Rural Life in Peru

The life of the Peruvian in the countryside

Do you know all facets of Peru? I, Francisco Mayhuay Colonia, manager of Franpisco Adventure, suggest that you discover my home and the rural life in Peru with the assistance of my tour business. For the Franpisco Adventure clients you will enjoy free lodging and food in a traditional farming community called Vicos, just one hour outside of Huaraz.

Peru and it's communities
The farming community of Vicos

The farming community of Vicos is one of the communities in the mountains. The idea for Franpisco Adventure emerged from this place. Indeed, my principal residence is at a home in the Wiyash sector. This is the last of the 10 sectors which compose the community.

Why promote a stay in a farming community?

The idea of promoting the rural life comes naturally from the fact that each year a few interested tourists discover Vicos and the lifestyle of its residents. The decision to offer this new activity right in the heart of my own residence is a logical outcome based on the enthusiasm tourists express after a stay in a farming community.

A total change of scenery

Just a moment in the heart of a farming community will certainly create unforgettable memories. Each one approaches their stay as they wish.  It is possible to simply relax and enjoy the tranquil environment, and admire the farming techniques, essentially the customs of the local people. Also for those more adventurous, it is possible to participate in the villager’s life, working each day. For example, you might fix the animal corral, sow the crops, plant the potatoes, corn, wheat, etc. Furthermore, it is possible to learn a few words and sayings in Quechua, the Inca language. Each season of the year comes with its own work, depending on the sun and the rain. This is how rural life in Peru is.

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